520 – Dark Clouds

Only the ever same view from our garden? C’mon! I’m no freakin’ picture taking machine, am I? After all, this is the third blog entry that I write today ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess I’m lucky that I caught this moment at all. Most of the day we were under heavy cloud cover, and now, in the evening, it has begun to rain. What shall I say? The weather is a little undecided at the moment. The weather report predicts snow down to 700 meters and maybe below for the bulk of the next week (we are on 600 meters!), and on the other hand the grass gets green again and the early flowers sprout.

Nikon 18-200 VR at 18mm, f11 and 1/160s, post-processing from two versions of the same RAW file, one for the clouds, local contrast enhancements with PhotoLift and more of the usual.

The Song of the Day is “Dark Clouds” from Mary Coughlan’s 2001 album “Long Honeymoon“. Sorry, neither lyrics nor videos found, but you should own this record anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “520 – Dark Clouds”

  1. I’ve often wondered if it is fair to use the sky in creating an intimation of portent? After all, the sky has no more relation to my future than the intermingling of Venus with Uranus, or the bumps on my noggin. Yet we do it… you do it here. It is a latch with which you invite us to consider a future… which is itself what? Spooky? Unsettled? Doom ridden? The future Horatio lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.

    Oh BTW… I see the images sold on the website up there on the left of your blogsite are offered generally at 250 Euros? Hmmmmm… I think George Bush’s ineptitude is pricing you way out of the American market. Maybe you should reduce them to 5 Euros… that’d make them affordable to Americans… at least for the next week or so….

  2. Haha, in this particular case the future was wet. About an hour later it poured down like mad ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, pricing! Paul Butzi recently had a series of blog entries about print pricing, and he argues for affordable prints. Well, I don’t know. Actually, whatever I charge, in reality, considering time, material and equipment, is not more than a tip. Sure, I can’t live from selling prints anyway, and so it would not matter if I sold cheaper, but on the other hand, what would be the worth of my images, when not even I would value them?

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