519 – This Place

Because of a party with people from my company I arrived in Carinthia only early Saturday afternoon, and then we immediately tried our luck and drove south towards Slovenia. Well, we had no luck. Weather in Carinthia was bright and sunny, but as soon as we came out of the tunnel through the mountains, there were dense dark clouds. We had no choice but to return.

This image shows a wayside shrine on the Carinthian side of the mountains. We have literally hundreds of them in Carinthia alone, and they are a specialty of the alpine rural culture. Normally each face shows a mural of a saint, and if you follow the direction, you reach a church dedicated to that saint. Basically it is a big network of direction signs. This particular shrine is special insofar it has no murals but the images are painted on wood.

The Song of the Day is “This Place” from Joni Mitchell’s 2007 album “Shine“.