518 – Heavy Burden On Your Shoulder

I’m more than late again. This is Friday’s image, shot in the morning on my way to work. I had the Sigma 20/1.8 mounted from the day before, when I saw this hard working bicycle leaning there, having a well-earned rest.

Searching for a Song of the Day, the word “lean” brought me to “Lean On Me” from the 1986 stellar Housemartins debut “London 0 Hull 4“. Looking for a video on YouTube, I found “Beautiful South – Good As Gold & Lean On Me“, and I thought, “Oh sure, when the Housemartins broke up, Paul Heaton founded The Beautiful South. Makes sense”, but this was only a lucky accident. After hearing through the first part of the video, a fantastic “Good As Gold”, I found out that Paul had chrned out another “Lean On Me”. Damn, one more CD to buy!