513 – Slow Down

I was tired and uninspired today. When I set out for photographing, it was already late, about one hour before sundown, and none of the usual locations made a big impression on me. The snow is almost gone, but due to the high contrast, what is left of it distracts even more.

Anyway. I’ve promised you snow, here is snow. This small house has fascinated me for a long time, but it is situated in a place where I normally drive by with the car, and pretty fast so. Many times I have thought that I should take a photo of it, but when I saw it, it always was too late to stop. Today, also motivated by the dramatic sky, I remembered to stop in time, and so I finally got my image 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Slow Down” from Anita O’Day with Gene Krupa. You get it on “Let Me Off Uptown: The Best of Anita O’Day“, I have it on a different compilation that may be not available any more. Hear it in a nice video on YouTube.