509 – Higher & Higher

This one was hard work. I had a placeholder instead of this entry, because even though I rose early and began to work on the image at 4:40am, I did not have it ready by 6:20am. The problem were some branches of a tree, reaching in from the left, and they covered very complicated background.

Have you ever tried to clone something out with a background of reflections in a glass facade? It’s pretty crazy, and you always have to work on small selections only, to protect the surroundings. The other problem is, that you hardly have anything to clone from, because everything is so different. Let’s say that I am pretty proud of what I did 🙂

The lens is the Sigma 70/2.8 Macro again, a good choice for architectural details, because it has no distortions to speak of and it is sharp like a razor.

The Song of the Day is “Higher & Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)” from Bette Midler’s 1973 self titled second album. Highly recommended.