508 – Very Very Simple

Two images, not more, and still it’s almost impossible to choose. Two images that have nothing in common but their similarity. Two images of today, one of lush beauty, one of striking banality. What’s your choice?

The flowers were shot through the window of a flower shop. Sigma 70/2.8 at f2.8, 1/100s and ISO 800. The same lens was use in the Image of the Day, f2.8, 1/125s and ISO 200.

The Song of the Day is “Very Very Simple” from the 1984 Carla Bley album “I Hate to Sing“. Hear a very minimalistic live version performed by Carla and Steve on YouTube.

When you look at the reviews on Amazon, you see that few people seem to like this album. I have no idea why 🙂

5 thoughts on “508 – Very Very Simple”

  1. hmmm I do believe I will choose the flowers because I look soooo forward to seeing touching and smelling them as spring is just around the corner.

  2. for me it’s the street scenery, without hesitation. It’s your art to shoot daily situations in a way that discloses harmony and beauty that is usually hidden for the passers-by

  3. Yes…yes… very, and I men VERY nice. And as usual they make me wonder. This time about the tyranny of the ancestors. How old do you think the builders/designers of the houses/roads in picture one were? Maybe forty? Forty five? And so these forty something people have crowded out all of the forty somethings of today who have important ideas about building/designing.

    Why do we accept this tyranny, even clot together to protect it and to enforce their edicts upon our own peers? We are doing their work for them whenever we join up with the ideas of a preservationist group. Surely there must be a lot of people today who have fresh, smart, important ideas? Why is it that once a structure goes up that it is somehow immoral to consider reusing that pad upon which it sits?

    As children we were promised cities of crystal and chrome. We were teased with ideas of flying cars and astonishing use of space. But instead they cannot be constructed where the people are because the kids who once were like us will not allow any two bricks already joined … to be broken apart.

    And that’s what I think as I look at your peon to posterity. And I shudder at the tyranny of those long dead forty somethings who were better than us in only one sense… They do not live now.


  4. Ted,

    I enjoy to hate to say it, but when these buildings were erected, there was no acceptance involved. It’s pure capitalism. Those buildings were built because someone had the money to do so. They were inhabited, because many very different people needed to.

    Capitalism IS able to produce greatness, it only chooses to not do so most of the time 🙂

    But, in an abstract sense that all does not count, and metaphorically you’re right, of course you are.

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