505 – Sailing

This is not an image of yesterday. Yesterday was a drab, rainy day here in Carinthia, and the northern part of Austria had a bad storm that is supposed to return today. Not a tornado or hurricane, but with speeds up to 100 mph nevertheless. Four people in Austria were reported dead, three of them hit by falling trees. I decided to stay in bed and slept for most of the day.

At night I tried to take some images of forks. Why forks? Well, Neil Creek, one of my co-artists on Fine Art Photoblog, runs a competition about images of forks on his blog, basically a creativity training, and, having no image yet, I thought I could at least try.

Shiny little bastards, those forks. I found myself without easy success, completely uninspired and at the moment not willing to further explore the essence forks. I gave up and decided to tackle one of those images tagged “TODO” in my image database.

This is it. An image shot last July in the harbor of Mali LoĊĦinj, an image that I did not use as Image of the Day then, an image that I always planned to work upon one time and that I had completely forgotten in the meantime.

The Song of the Day is “Sailing” by Rod Stewart, and I have it on the 1982 release “Absolutely Live“.

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