Feb 292008

I’ve got two images for today (that’s actually Wednesday, the images of Thursday I have not even seen yet). Both were shot with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f2.8, both were slightly worked upon, and in a way I see them as opposites. Do you agree? Not? Why??

The Song of the Day is “Frivolous Tonight” from the 1999 XTC album “Apple Venus Volume 1“.

  2 Responses to “502 – Frivolous Tonight”

  1. For me #2 is stronger. It has this certain airiness that I often felt in your pictures

  2. I would vote for No. 1, that one that you choose as the picture of the day. For me it is richer in colors and textures and I like the more clearly visible people in the distance. The DOF in No. 2 is a tad too shallow for me.

    However, I wouldn’t call those pictures “opposites” – for me they are more twins. They have too much in common (from the color range to the textures and lightning), to be real “opposites”.

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