496 – Watching You

This image is from Thursday evening. It is complex, or at least the distortions of the 1mm lens suggest complexity. For me this is a lurker’s perspective. Someone is watching someone else, but why? Is there a story to be told?

Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, f4.5, ISO 1600 and 1/8s. Post-processing in Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is “Watching You” from Melissa Etheridge’s 1988 debut album. As regards her music, I am a late-comer, but better late than never, right?

4 thoughts on “496 – Watching You”

  1. I would imagine, that a 1mm lens would show some distortions…;-)

    Yes, you definately have a point. That photo could be used in any spy-movie. The moving of the colors from dark green to light brown certainly led my eyes down the steps towards the escape. And as usual, an impressive crispness for 1/8th of a second.

    Melissa is certainly great, although I like her early albums far better, maybe with the exception of the “live and alone” acustic album.

  2. I like it when you do this stuff… you are so the master of the complex metallic reflections… Reflections that seem to float on colors that you remind me that exist at night. It is so difficult to color balance these things, and to sense their presence. You know one of my two favorite Manessinger’s, a print I am proud to own, and this rivals that. Congrats Andreas. Keep amazing us.

  3. Ahh, good to get back in touch with real people 🙂

    Lately I have spent most of my non-working, non-photographing time optimizing my site, adding keywords, registering with blog catalogs, tutorial catalogs, etc.

    Glad you like it.

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