495 – Time Marches On

It’s Friday night now, past 2am, and I sit here, back in Carinthia, after four hours on the train, working on my backlog. Well, at least the images are done and already uploaded to SmugMug, the titles are found, the Songs selected, only the actual writing is left. Let’s go:

These images are from Wednesday, and the first is a morning image. I took it near work, using the Sigma 70/2.8 at f13. Nothing spectacular, but I like the compression.

The next one is from the evening. Before leaving work, I had switched to the Sigma 10-20. 10mm and f4 at ISO 360 and 1/8s. We had images like that before, although that does not necessarily stop me doing variations again. Anyway, nothing really new here.

Most of the other images were shot from out of different doorways, with very slow shutter speeds, focused at one wall of the doorway. I had taken lots of these images. Some had people walking by, some not, and from those that had, I liked the one that became Image of the Day best.

The Song of the Day is once again from Dr. John, “Time Marches On“, and again it is from “N’Awlinz: Dis Dat or d’Udda“.

One thought on “495 – Time Marches On”

  1. Odd that even when you do a daily image, there are still so many that don’t burble to the top of the pile, eh? I met guy once who wrote Country Music… maybe he still does. He’s had a tremendous number of them published and performed by recording and concert artists.

    I asked him how he could be so prolific. “Actually,” he replied, “I seem to really have two problems. First in turning off the spigot, and secondly to decide which to really develop for audition tapes. When I sit to write, the keyboard seems to startle me with so many surprises that it’s a problem not so much to stay on the bronco, as it is to let him toss me off.”

    These three are all disparate looks into your imagination. But since you insist we choose by posting them all together, yet apart… I agree with the featured piece. Its mystery is cinematic. Some wonder if it’s possible to be grim in color. If a color mood can be ominous. It’s images like this which retire that wonder, eh?

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