494 – On Every Street

It’s Friday morning now and this is the image for Tuesday. Still struggling 🙂

I didn’t have too many spectacular things, so you gotta to work with what you have, right? I’ve treated this image with my recipe for creating detail in noisy or slightly unfocused images, neither because it was noisy, nor because it was badly focused, no, I did it in order to not lose detail.

The problem is, that these street scenes against the sundown contain so incredibly much contrast, that you really have to push the image to extremes, in order to get shadow detail, and if you didn’t have noise before, then you have it for sure. The final image has rich detail, is smooth and has color depth. I’d print it big anytime.

The Song of the Day is “On Every Street” from the 1991 Dire Straits album “On Every Street“. See a live version on YouTube.