493 – Respectable Street

Oh my, and I had hoped to get rid of my backlog! This is the image of Monday, and I’m still two days behind.

Today’s excuse? Well, I have published my three entries labeled “Photoshop Tutorial” to good-tutorials, and all three made it to the front page, netting me the biggest rush on my blog so far.

One of the readers asked me for a Photoshop file for the “creating details” tutorial, and then the problem began: I could easily crop the image to 200×200 pixels, enough to reveal the layer structure and still keep the file at only 1.2 MB (compared to the 330 MB of the original), but I found out that SmugMug would not host PSD files! Hmm … that’s unfortunate: you pay for a pro account with unlimited bandwidth, but they don’t let you upload files of the world’s most popular image manipulation program. The challenge was now, to find a free hoster with a high bandwidth limit.

After some research I settled with box.net and their free “lite” account. It’s 10 GB per month limit will suffice for about 7000 downloads per month, and I hope that is enough. If not, I’ll probably have to upgrade. We’ll see.

This image was shot Monday evening on Vienna’s most busy shopping street Mariahilfer Stra├če, and I used the Sigma 70/2.8 at f2.8 and 1/160s.

The Song of the Day is XTC’s “Respectable Street“. I have a live version on the 4 CD box “Transistor Blast: The Best of the BBC Sessions“. See the video on YouTube.