490 – After Closing Time

The last weeks had wonderful weather here in Carinthia. Blue skies, no clouds, sunny all the time, but yesterday the air was so full of haze, that I did not even think about shooting landscapes. Instead I drove to Villach in the evening, with the intention of shooting colored lights.

The original idea was to use the Sigma 150/2.8 Macro from the tripod and with much DOF. I wanted to stack shop signs and use the compression of the lens to create a surreal effect. The only problem was that, when I was there, I could not find anything of that kind. Tough.

Instead I shot shopping carts. In the green light of the flower shop they were a bit monochromatic, therefore I took #1 through some heavily defocused artificial flowers, and these are the flowers. Still, the Image of the Day is the monochromatic pattern of the stacked carts 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Shopping Trolley” from Beth Orton’s 2006 album “Comfort of Strangers“. See the video on YouTube.

One thought on “490 – After Closing Time”

  1. I’m not sure, what I should find more impressive: the picture itself – or that you managed to find a fitting song even for such a special subject…


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