488 – Beyond Time

Don’t you have the feeling sometimes, that certain places are really beyond time? Places where you’ve never been before and that look as if they were taken from deep in your past, out of your remotest memories, out of your childhood.

Today when I chanced to be in Velden, I drove by the railway station, and there was this building, old, seemingly not unused, but at this late morning completely deserted, and suddenly I had exactly that feeling. I don’t really know what triggers it, but for me it seems to be necessary, that such places are deserted and silent.

You can’t really see it at that size, but on the farthest edge of the platform, there is package of Marlboro cigarettes. It all looks as if somebody had just left and could return any moment, and that may be another factor in the place’s timelessness.

Both images were shot with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f8 and f9.

The Song of the Day is “Beyond Time” from the 2001 Apocalyptica album “Cult“. No lyrics given, it’s an instrumental.