483 – Dead And Lovely

For almost a year now I use song titles as titles for my Images of the Day. Why? See, I own about 3000 CDs, more than 1000 of them are classical, baroque, renaissance and old music, the rest is more or less contemporary popular music and Jazz. Hearing all that in sequence would take me more than a year, and of course I don’t do it. Effectively I have a lot of music that I may have heard once or twice, and then shelved.

Selecting a Song of the Day forces me to hear my own music, and that’s a very interesting thing. Just have a look at Tom Waits. He is one of the artists whom I select most often, about as often as Bob Dylan, and a year ago I would have ranked Dylan much above Waits. I really have discovered Tom Waits for me again, and that would not have happened without the Song of the Day. That’s why I do it 🙂

The image of the day was shot with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f11, 1s and ISO 200.

Dead And Lovely” is from the 2004 Tom Waits album “Real Gone“. See a video on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “483 – Dead And Lovely”

  1. 3000 CDs certainly sounds impressive (pun intended..;) Must be fun indeed to explore such a vast collection.

    I like your dead flowers, they look fragile and beautiful even after death. The spotlights in the photo certainly help. I was wondering whether you tweaked the colors in that shot?

  2. Stew-like texture… Yeah… and a wooden crustiness. And an unusual color palette. Maybe it’s my monitor though, it doesn’t seem to pop. LAB color? Not sure but sparkle seems to fight with low contrast. Can that be?

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