481 – Hour Of Need

Yesterday was not a rainy day, no, the sun did shine, and we even have some first primroses in the garden. Still, I was working all day and couldn’t manage to get any decent shot. Long after midnight, in my hour of need, I remembered the clock that had saved me two days ago. This time it is the pendulum.

Sigma 150/2.8 at f11 and 0.8s, shot from the tripod, lit with a LED lamp.

Hour Of Need“, the Song of the Day, is again from the 1999 Faithless album “Sunday 8pm“.

2 thoughts on “481 – Hour Of Need”

  1. Both of your clock-photos are great! Warm, glowing – and again showing the intrinsic beauty of (some) everyday mundane things in your special way… I’m not sure, which of the two shots I would prefer… Glad you posted both! 🙂

  2. Hmm, inmy next hour of need there may be one more. Awful lot of details in such a clock 🙂

    Glad you like them.

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