479 – Time

What do you do on a day with snowfall in the morning, dense fog from noon and heavy rain in the evening? Well, I did not go out photographing. These are the times to go searching in the attic, the times for old and broken things, for those things that everybody wanted you to throw away at last.

Sigma 150/2.8 Macro at f18, 2.5s and ISO 200, shot from the tripod.

The Song of the Day is “Time” from Tom Waits’ classic 1985 album “Rain Dogs“. Hear a fantastic live version on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “479 – Time”

  1. moody shot in your typical diagonal lines style. Heartwarming colors evocating positive resonances in me. The brass of the pendulum gives the impression that it’s moving.

    At first it was hard to believe for me that you didn’t use a wideangle as the key in the foreground is so prominent, but this probably is a question of light and photoshop.

  2. As always a pleasure to view !! You just have a way of seeing things in such a different kind of distorted view from my eye. I just love the creative edge you have.

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