475 – Up with People

I already should be off to work and instead again I’m in a hurry. I’m always these days. Very exciting things are happening 🙂

I shot this image yesterday in an underground station. Do you notice the camera? They’re everywhere. Why? Because you’re a suspect! Huh?? Oh, it’s not personal, everybody is. It’s just that you exist what makes them suspect you. See? Not exist – no problem.

If you happen to be Austrian, why not go over there and do something about it?

The Song of the Day is “Up with People” from Lambchop’s 2000 album “Nixon“. See the video on YouTube.

One thought on “475 – Up with People”

  1. Beautiful blues in the background – and your usual skewed perspective. Works for me…

    Yeah, those cameras and the current security hysteria. I don’t know… a while ago, I would have agreed completely. But with that incident of those guys who tried to blew up trains in Germany… Mh. I still really hate that Orwell-mentality, that only a all-day-round monitored citizen is a good citizen. On the other hand, I start understanding why people think it necessary. Which is scary enough…

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