463 – At The End Of A Short Day

Yesterday was a short day for me. I slept until 1:30pm, and I was lucky to be ready to shoot at sundown 🙂

There is a certain kind of scattered clouds, and when you see it, you know you have to run and fetch your gear, because these are the clouds that make for a spectacular sundown. What really happens then, and if you’ll be able to score not only a beautiful, but a great image, that largely depends on chance. Of course, you can be at a place with different interesting foregrounds, hoping that one of them will rhyme off of the shapes of the clouds, but in reality you would have to be at that place long before you can be sure that there will be anything interesting at all. In this case it was not more than beautiful.

The image is a tad noisy at the bottom, because I had no time to fetch split-ND filters or tripod and cable release for creating an HDR image. I took what lens I had (the Nikon 18-200 VR) and that was it. Later in Photoshop I used three layered versions from the same RAW.

And that’s how it ended. I took the image from the first floor of our house, to the right you see the neighbor’s house. While I’ve worked on the first image and am not sure if I’ve not overdone it, this one is out of the camera.

The Song of the Day is “Short” from “Damaged“, the 2006 album of Lambchop.