454 – Walking The Dog

You like this image? I do. I invented it. Actually when I was there I saw the potential, but in reality I’ve made these colors up. Hey, no street looks like this!

Or do some? It’s interesting how easily we accept colors, and even so outlandish ones as in this image. Out of the camera this was all yellow. Shades of different yellows. What I did in Camera RAW, was to put a gray point in one of the mid-yellows, with the intention to make the background blue. Not too blue, but blue. The yellow became a tad too greenish, thus I created a vignette with a red filter and a curves layer for darkening. The result was considerable color depth, paired with the depth created by the vignette. From there on I did some painting with light to accentuate the path, overlayed a B&W layer in mode “Soft Light” to push contrasts, and finally I strongly lightened the woman walking the dog, giving her back the original yellowish color to completely separate her from the background. What else? Oh, some minor cosmetics, a blur, Noise Ninja, only the usual stuff.

Normally I don’t do this, but here to the left is the image that the camera saw. It is intentionally overexposed, but not very far from what boring reality looked like.

I like this image, because I’ve made it 🙂

Sigma 70/2.8 at f2.8, 1/30s and ISO 3200.

The Song of the Day is “Walking The Dog” from the 1964 Rolling Stones album “The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hitmakers)”. See a video, albeit with very sub-standard audio quality, on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “454 – Walking The Dog”

  1. Fantastic image. Love the ‘fake’ colours and thanks for sharing the technique which I have saved for future reference..

  2. Thanks for the technique! I’ve been doing more night stuff lately and this is exactly what I needed!

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