452 – The Other Side of This Life

Well, here it is, the promised image of today. I’m back to the Sigma 70/2.8. This image was shot at f8, 1/100s and ISO 220. In Camera RAW I have pushed vibrancy quite a bit and clarity a bit more. Normally I don’t use the clarity slider too much, but for textures like this it is fine.

What more can I say about an abstract image like this? That it reminds me of a map? Or a very abstract person speaking a very abstract bubble? And is this really important?

The Song of the Day is “The Other Side of This Life” from David Byrne’s 2004 album “Grown Backwards“.

One thought on “452 – The Other Side of This Life”

  1. Die letzten drei sind absolut hochklassig und wert an jeder Wand zu hängen. Auch an den Wänden von Friseurcafes. Oder Cafefriseuren?



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