442 – Saint George’s Church in Sternberg

This is the image of yesterday, Saturday. Sorry, in the evening we were out for dinner and when we finally came home, I was much too tired to even decide about the image to use.

Saint George’s Church in Sternberg stands on a rock, 733 meters above sea level, and in our vicinity it is easily the most sunny place. Yesterday I was a tad late for shooting, and consequently I drove up to Sternberg for some last rays. This is what the church looks like from the parking area, seen through my Sigma 70/2.8. Shooting big architecture through a short tele is not exactly easy 🙂

On the other hand, this is a fantastic portrait lens, and hanging on the southern wall of Saint George’s is a fantastic portrait of the suffering Christ. Another good use for a major diagonal.

The last image that I want to share is of the church’s entrance door. Wonderfully weathered old wood, painted in warm tones, bathed in the last rays of the sun.

The Song of the Day was “Gorgeous George” from Edwyn Collins’ 1994 album “Gorgeous George“.