437 – The Woods And The Rivers Are Silent

This is Christmas Eve in most of the western world, and thanks to cultural colonialism, there is no way to avoid it, even if you don’t believe in the story of the man who came to release us. Isn’t it interesting, how far the churches have come from the simple messages of this young radical, this man who preached a doctrine that was so incompatible with the ruling forces, that they had to crucify him? This young man whom we, if he came today, would classify as a terrorist, or as a sympathizer of terrorism, or as a radical agitator whose followers would most likely sympathize with terrorism. We could probably blame him of communist sympathies as well, but that’s not the buzzword of the decade, so terrorism would most likely be it, and whatever the exact reasons would be, we would have to act in defense of our culture and crucify him again. Not much has changed in those last 2000 years.

I shot this image with the Sigma 70/2.8 at f13 and 1/20s from the tripod.

The Woods And The Rivers Are Silent“, the title of the Song of the Day, is actually a translation from the old Italian original. It is from the Mediæval Bæbes’ 2002 album “The Rose“.

Merry Christmas anyway, and a lot of peace on earth. I guess, we could need it.