433 – Out Of This World

The second day with the new Sigma 70/2.8 macro, and I still haven’t shot a single typical macro shot. Instead I use it as walk-around lens. It’s already late today, I have little more than three hours of sleep if I can keep this short, so let’s get on to some images of today.

This Tweety actually wears a Santa Claus cap, I should have included it, but I forgot. The figurine is part of a signal horn mounted on an old bicycle that is parked at the corner Albertgasse/Pfeilgasse most of the time.

The second image is an architecture shot of a passage way that I have shot more than once now. It is from only 4:20pm, but Auto ISO had already gone to 3200 to sustain 1/60s, and that’s at f2.8! OK, that’s for walking around with an un-stabilized telephoto lens 🙂 I really like the low-to-high perspective though.

The Image of the Day is another example for the abstracting power of this lens. It was again shot at f2.8 and shown part of a traffic sign, another round traffic sign in the background and some lights that I can’t identify. The red light could be from a semaphore, the others – I really don’t know, windows in a house front perhaps.

The Song of the Day is “Out Of This World” from Edwyn Collins’ 1994 album “Gorgeous George“.

2 thoughts on “433 – Out Of This World”

  1. These are all intriguing. While I like all of them and would have commented upon each were they submitted individually, this grouping seems to demand that I find a favorite. Okay… the little guy… he makes me smile. I like to smile. It’s been a tough day… we are on quadruple deadline, Rita had a spill on the steps (she’s okay, but very stiff and bruised), so… a smile’s a nice way to end the day. Thanks…


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