432 – Hit The Road To Dreamland

It’s Christmas time, right? Yesterday I finally gave in to an urge that had buggered me for half a year now, the urge to buy another macro lens, one that would be better suited to street photography than my Sigma 150/2.8.

“Street photography?”, you say, “Why on earth would anyone use a macro lens to go out on the street?”.

To get into Dreamland, of course, that’s why! This brand new Sigma 70/2.8 macro lets me get near to a reflection in a car or to an advertising on the post of a street sign, and then throw lights in the background wildly out of focus. Out on the street, this is not a lens to portrait reality, it’s a lens to create dreams.

Both images were shot wide open at f2.8.

The Song of the Day is the Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer standard “Hit The Road To Dreamland” and while it’s certainly enjoyable to listen to Jane Monheit (and see her) on YouTube, I’ll recommend a different version today. It’s from Dr. John’s 2006 album “Mercernary“, and it’s as much Mac Rebennack as it gets 🙂

2 thoughts on “432 – Hit The Road To Dreamland”

  1. Andreas, that’s an argument hard to rebut when discussing why I need a new lens. I’ll try it and report the reaction of my superior 😉
    The picture is excellent, you really have an eye for this

    Regards – Markus

  2. What argument? Christmas? Well, if that’s not an argument then I don’t know what 🙂

    Glad you like it.


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