431 – They’ll Be Home For Christmas?

Funny how it sometimes turns out. I had a completely different image in mind all day, I had an idea what to write about it, but it somehow didn’t materialize 🙂

And then, when I saw this image, the street, the Christmas decoration, the traffic, all the cars heading somewhere home, and when I heard Holly Cole, the great, reliable Holly Cole, always good for a Song of the Day, sing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas“, then I knew this can’t be wrong, can it?

The song is from her 2001 album “Baby, It’s Cold Outside“. Not your typical Christmas album.

2 thoughts on “431 – They’ll Be Home For Christmas?”

  1. Um, I know you love the tilt… but on my monitor this is a lot more than canted. Was that intentional?

  2. Actually this is a house that’s smaller at the base and then slopes outwards at 45 degrees from the first story. I stand below the slope, look upwards, and it really looks like that: cars gliding up to the sky 🙂

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