421 – Lonely House

That’s a spooky day isn’t it? On the Radiant Vista, answering Ted’s images of Ponte Vecchio, I posted an image, showing the ghosts of the night filing out of Florence. And now this: a spooky old house on a cold winter night.

We had ghastly weather all day, starting with snow in the morning, and I was not overly inclined to go out shooting. On the other hand, I needed an image, and so I left for Klagenfurt in the evening, with only a vague idea of old walls, mixed light and decay.

This house is on the southern entrance road to Klagenfurt, and I am afraid it will be torn down soon, like so many places that would have done perfectly tonight, but that only exist in my memories now. The image to the left is from about a year ago. I think I have posted it then on the Radiant Vista.

The Song of the Day is Kurt Weill’s “Lonely House” in the spectacular interpretation of the great Betty Carter. It’s on her 1996 album “I’m Yours, You’re Mine“. Hear it and see the video on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “421 – Lonely House”

  1. Expressively taken. Throughout your pictures I notice how far you go beyond the obvious. Light and perspective here match very well with your description of the place and offer something new to discover.

    Thanks for your comment in my blog. As you may have seen, I’ve taken up your idea and re-developed my raw file to a better effect.

    Keep shooting – Markus

  2. Thanks. This image only lives through post-processing. When I stood on the street it was dark and cold. I was in a hurry, and thus the image was unbalanced. There was nothing on the right side to balance the hanging house, and the whole right half was way too dark in comparison.

    I solved this problem with a partial lens blur over some bluish lights that shone through the trees. In the original they were distractions and took away from the mood, but as circles of confusion (though their existence would be against the laws of physics) they contribute to the atmosphere and are bright enough to give the balance that I wanted.

    And then there was color. I made a combination of two versions, one very cold, colder as seemed correct, one much warmer. Then I took the image to Lab mode (without merging the layers) and blended the warm version in where the cool one was distinctly yellow. Do you notice the white around the windows? You can’t photograph that, you must fake it, but it does sure look good 🙂


  3. Ah… the mysterious dark blob. I love blobs. Blobs RULE!

    This is an image all about color palette. What a wonderfully eerie one you’ve selected.

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