414 – Rough House

No news about my new D300 today. Well, maybe one: it does not make me more creative 🙂

Today I’ve had stress in the morning and could not take opportunity of the wonderful morning light that we had, and later I was on a trip down into Slovenia. Many interesting things and places, but I was not alone, and that always takes away from my creativity. I made lots of uninspired, documentary images, but nothing that I’d bother you with.

This one is an architectural detail from a house in Villach. I shot it out of the car while waiting for the bar in a backyard entrance to open. Nikon 18-200 at 60mm, f8 and 1/20s, post-processing in Capture NX.

The Song of the Day is “Rough House Blues” by Fletcher Henderson, a recording from 1927 that I have on disc 18 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“. Sorry, I’ve found no sound sample.

Oh, one more thing: I’ve dumped the BlogRush widget. It may have worked for some people who came in very early, but it did not for me. For the whole time I had it, there were less than ten visitors who came here due to their syndication. This is not worth the space.

Basically BlogRush is a pyramid game. You can’t lose anything but space in this game, but when you’re too late, you can’t win anything either. I have replaced it with a “News” section in the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “414 – Rough House”

  1. And I thought, that I was the only one who is more creative when strolling around alone… Must have to do something with being able to focus (pun intended).

    Your picture of the day is a real Manessinger! Those colors and textures are gorgeous – and I have to admit, that I would almost certainly have overlooked the crooked hose as a motiv. Mental note to myself: Keep open your (mental) eyes!

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