411 – The Beat Of The Night

Wouldn’t it be much better if I could write about the “heat” of the night? OK, a guy may dream, yeah?

Yesterday we had Christmas decoration in Josefstädter Straße as seen in the morning, plus a nighttime view from last year, today it’s another night shot.

What else? Oh, the Nikon D300 has come to Austria (and everywhere else). What a difference to the launch of the D200. Then it was almost impossible to get one for months, today I have seen it in two shops that I’ve come by, and one of them had two of it in the window. It looks good. Very good. I’m curious for how long I’ll be able to resist 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Beat Of The Night” by Bob Geldof. I have it on the excellent compilation “Loudmouth“. The Germans have a sound sample.

One thought on “411 – The Beat Of The Night”

  1. Love this picture!!! Bin auch ein Photogeek…koennte den ganzen Tag nur photographieren!! Cheers from Ireland, Symone

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