410 – New Stars In The Sky

We had a relatively sunny day for a change, but of course this does not mean so much when you’re at work for the whole day, busily programming your way out of quoting hell. You don’t know what quoting hell is? Lucky you!

But even when you’re out on the streets: at this time of the year you always feel like being at the ground of a canyon. Sure, there is sun, somewhere up there, but you are damned to march in the shades forever and ever.

One way to get around the problem is, to take images with a long lens and along the canyon walls, preferably when the canyon runs west to east. Just like Josefstädter Straße in this image.

Nikon 18-200 VR at 200mm, f13, 1/80s.

At night the Christmas decoration, these globes that by day almost look like barbed wire, glows eerily blue. Have a look at an image from last year, made in the evening, looking the other way, and using the Sigma 30/1.4 at f6.3.

The final image that I want to share is from this afternoon. It’s a strange kind of graffiti: paper glued to a wall, and on that a stenciled motive. Seems to be the most efficient way to ruin as many walls as you can in your precious time. Still, it’s cute how the gibbon runs 🙂

The Song of the Day is by Air and it is called “New Star In The Sky“. It’s from their 1998 album “Moon Safari“. Hear the whole song on YouTube.

One thought on “410 – New Stars In The Sky”

  1. That’s an unusual christmas decoration… But certainly makes for a great motive. That actually one of the things that I miss somewhat right now: color. Days are so drab and dreary at the moment. So, a nice splot of blue color is welcome!

    Oh, I can feel with you, when you talk about quoting hell. Although I would assume that you use more backslashes and inverted commas for your escape than I do for mine. I’m just trying to comb through a manuscript with nearly 200 quotes (references). Boooring!

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