407 – Chance Meeting

In the morning I had to be in Klagenfurt to get my new contact lenses. I have lost one, more than a week ago, and it was time to renew them anyway, so I ordered a pair. Yesterday they arrived, today I went to fetch them. Normally it does not make a lot of a difference while photographing. I really feel alright using the D200 while wearing glasses, but at this time of the year I have constant trouble with the glasses filming over, so I’m glad to be back to lenses.

I knew that there would most likely be rain in the afternoon (wrong, but only by hours, now in the middle of the night it does rain), so I used the opportunity and took some images in Klagenfurt’s historical center. This constellation of a door and a manhole cover is something that immediately caught my attention.

The Song of the Day is “Chance Meeting” from the stellar 1972 Roxy Music debut album “Roxy Music“.

3 thoughts on “407 – Chance Meeting”

  1. Strangely enough I have a new pair of eyeglasses waiting for me at this very moment. They have been ready since last week, but I havn’t had the time to go pick them up. Contacts for me have never been an option I considered. The very idea of sticking something into my eye is beyond me. RK surgery one day, maybe, but contacts… gads no.

    Now, this image is one that appeals to me on several levels. Color (still with the blue and gold, I see. I’m not complaining mind you, just making an observation!) and the simple, yet powerful composition. Nuff said.

  2. Same for me with surgery. Knifes in my eyes! Yikes!!!

    Regarding colors, well, color is something very pliable. In many of my images I strive for healthy color contrasts, red/green, yellow/blue. Many times, like here, white balance is enough to achieve that, and sometimes I help along with Lab color and the “Man from Mars”.

    In case of this image it is not composition alone. I had to do a lot of cloning, because the ground was very distractingly dirty.


  3. I enjoy the clear, simple composition of the photo, together with your usual rich colors. The tistortions from the lens bring that nice sparkle into the shot…

    So far, I’m going for glasses. I’m not sure about surgery OR lenses. Only if I have to… Brr.

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