406 – He’s Right But He Can’t Spell

That’s what we like. A guy who knows what he is. Too bad he can’t spell, right?

Well, whenever I post graffiti, Ted righteously hates it. Most of the time I am more forgiving, but this is the kind of scribbling that’s beyond the line, even for me. It’s a sad thing, that 90% of all graffiti are such junk.

And this immediately brings me to the Song of the Day. Enjoy the Sex Pistols and “Silly Thing“. It is on “Flogging a Dead Horse” and “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle“, and also on “Kiss This: The Best of the Sex Pistols“. Hear it also on YouTube.

But now for something completely different. Speaking of Ted, today he posted two fantastic images of a young and well-looking photographer at work, and somehow this spurned my desire to retaliate. The thread goes on. Or is it a threat?

2 thoughts on “406 – He’s Right But He Can’t Spell”

  1. I am actually much sexier than that. BTW, can you tell that I carry my ruler down the back of my pants?

    Wudddahell izzat back there? YIKES!

    As i’ve said elsewhere… one will notice that one of the two photographers that Sunday morning in October was searching for inspiration from above. Heh heh heh….

    And yes, I continue to hate grafs, they are the scrawlings of self-indulgent children.I wonder if parental discipline has become weaker or paint stronger?

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