404 – Someone To Watch Over Me

The nightmare is all over. I have reinstalled Windows and everything works again. It cost me an insane amount of time, but it is done.

This image is from my way home in the evening. Sigma 10-20 at 20mm, f5.6 and 1/4s, hand-held.

The Song of the Day is “Someone To Watch Over Me” from Ella Fitzgerald’s Gershwin Songbook. I have it in a nice box of “The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books“.

2 thoughts on “404 – Someone To Watch Over Me”

  1. full of mood….nice to read that you and Ted had a chance to meet…how wonderful…

    As always this is amazing looking! We do have such different styles and that is why I enjoy seeing things through your eyes so much. Your work is so dramatic in my eye.

    It makes me wonder if your a really “intense” person. Are ya????

  2. Well, for someone who is reluctant to reveal personal details on the Internet, this is quite a personal question :))

    Am I “intense”? Hmm … putting the association with the Nespresso ad aside, I’d think in a way yes. It depends on what you mean. I am certainly radical and passionate in what I do. An edited image a day for 404 days in a row, that needs some passion, I can tell ya 🙂

    This has always been the same with all my obsessions. I have spent tons of time playing computer games, but in a way that made a friend of mine say, I don’t actually play these games, I’m sightseeing. This visual obsession made me turn over from playing games to constructing game levels, and I did it with the same passion.

    It’s only three years ago that I began photographing, but it seems this folly is here to stay.

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