403 – Cheap Escapes

Honestly, I’ve seen better days. Somehow I have crashed my Photoshop installation and I can’t get it back to work. At the moment it looks like some bizarre interaction between the Adobe installer and my anti-virus software, but this is only a guess. Repairing the mess could take anything up to a re-installation of the operating system. Whatever, it will have to wait until tomorrow, and for tonight I needed to take a cheap escape route: an image where I can live with not being able to clone.

Sigma 20/1.8 at f1.8 and 1/30s, shot this morning on my way to work. Post-processing in Capture NX.

The Song of the Day is “Trouble Loves Me” from Morrissey’s 1997 album “Maladjusted“. There are several live versions up on YouTube, for instance this one.