402 – Charleston Alley

Another day when I left work extra early. Isn’t this a wonderful time of the year?

This is an alley where I pass through quite frequently on my way to or from work. I have always felt that its architecture has a certain Italian charm, and this is neither the first Image of the Day shot there, nor will it be the last. “40 – Thoroughfare” is from there and so is “33 – Hanging Gardens“.

The Song of the Day is once more one of Jon Hendricks’ vocalizations of a Jazz masterpiece, this time it’s “Charleston Alley“. Hear it on the Lambert, Hendricks & Ross album “The Hottest New Group in Jazz“.

3 thoughts on “402 – Charleston Alley”

  1. Ah, the colours. Love the way the ground floor is all warm while the second is cold. Composition is perfect. Not only did you nail the main doorway dead on (perfect symmetry) but you got a diagonal to run into all four corners. How often does that happen? Another great image.

  2. The color here is captivating… and complimentary too. On the top you have a dusky blue, and below, yellow and gold. They seems to come together and meet at time just as the sun has gone down, but before darkness has officially taken over. Lovely.

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