398 – Where Water Flows

This is a “Bassena”. If you’re not from Austria, you will most likely not know the term. It is a public water basin in the ground level corridor of an old house. The form of the handle on the faucet is a pun on the German word “Hahn”, that can mean “rooster” as well as “faucet”.

I took the image yesterday morning, here in my house, before I left for work. Sigma 20/1.8 at f1.8, ISO 1250, 2500K white balance and 1/15s. Boy, that was dark! I had to push the exposure in Photoshop, because the image was slightly underexposed as well. This necessitated the use of Noise Ninja and mild doses of some other tricks, but I guess the result is quite acceptable. In fact I would happily print it in A3 format.

The Song of the Day is “Where Water Flows” from Calexico’s 1998 album “The Black Light“. No need for lyrics, there ain’t any 🙂

Oh, by the way, we had snow yesterday. I may show some in today’s image.

One thought on “398 – Where Water Flows”

  1. I like the shapes of this and have had a hummingbird one myself once. It gets so cold here last year that I broke the one that looks like a flower so I keep to the cheaper ones now LOL…as always this is striking and dramatic.

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