397 – One Step Too Far?

Today you see me torn between two images. Both were shot yesterday morning on my way to work, both with the Sigma 20/1.8, and this one even wide open at f1.8. Hmm … pretty dark these days in Vienna. It still gave me no more than 1/125s at ISO 100.

What drew me in the first place, was of course the color, but when this guy walked through the frame, I decided to include him. I guess I like the notion of someone walking out of my frame. There is quite a number of these images in my collection now, and some were even Images of the Day (for instance 153 – Passage and 220 – People Are Strange), but it is also inspired by Ted’s recent image of an Avvocato walking the streets of Spoleto.

An Avvocato, you ask? How do I know? Oh, I say, just so 🙂

As regards post-processing, well, I am really not sure about it. Color-wise I may have gone one step too far or maybe not far enough. You decide.

The second image would have been a safe bet. It’s been shot not far away, this time at f4 and 1/40s. It is a study in geometry and if I admit that I may have something like a style (I like Michael McMurma‘s notion that style simply is, to make the same decisions over and again, not always, but significantly more often than otherwise), so if I have a style, then this would be very typical of it.

The Song of the Day is “One Step Too Far” by Faithless, sung by Dido. It’s from the 2001 album “Outrospective” and you can see the video on YouTube.

One thought on “397 – One Step Too Far?”

  1. Both pieces have “Andreas M” written all over them… If I could name a favorite, I would go for the main photo – I think, adding the bypasser into the frame adds a nice touch of dynamics to the shot…

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