394 – Evening

Everything but the south of Austria had snow this weekend, so I guess I was really lucky. A little bit of fog in the morning, but then sunshine for the whole day.

I shot my first images in the morning when the fog began to clear up. It’s always the same view that you have seen so often now, but so have I and I still can’t get enough of it. You may probably bear with me ūüôā

I spent the time till noon searching a Song of the Day for yesterday’s image, slept a little early in the afternoon, and at 3:40pm I set out for an evening session. It’s one of the features of this season, that I can go shooting sundowns on Sundays, have dinner, pack my luggage and still be on time for the train to Vienna.

We live in Ludmannsdorf, on the sunny side of the valley “Rosental”, but due to the high mountains, the sun goes down quite early now. It’s much better some 15 kilometers to the west, because there the valley widens and the sun goes down directly into another valley, meaning that the horizon is low, and this gives me about 40 more minutes of sun.

The first settlement to the west is Sankt Egyden. I stopped there and just managed to get some last sun on the church. I like old walls, did I ever mention that?

My final destination was Wurzen near Köstenberg. This is a south-looking, rural settlement near the top of the hills between the two lakes Wörther See and Ossiacher See. I can reach this place in about half an hour, and it is as good as it could be to watch sundowns, at least this time of the year.

The Image of the Day, the farm house, was shot just some minutes before sundown. Last rays of sun on old wood and white-washed walls, a stormy sky, lots of wood stacked up at the barn wall. Winter may come.

The Song of the Day is the exceedingly beautiful “Evening Song“, sung by Sam Brown on Jon Lord’s 1999 album “Pictured Within“.

2 thoughts on “394 – Evening”

  1. beautiful evening image – btw I read all the info about the png vs jpg thing I did go back and saving as a jpg was not an option so I suppose that is how I got started not sure if it has to do with 8 bit or 16 bit but that is the difference I see on the top of the page. I am still not sure that you can post anything that is protected online really but I am seeing that many sites accept the png so it must be a safe format. I am learning so forgive me for not really knowing why the color is brighter in those images rather than the jpg ones I have tried to save.

  2. I did not mean that JPEGs are really protected from editing, but for a professional they would be less useful than a PNG. Actually I don’t really care. If someone is so desperate to steal my images, oh well.

    Your color problem is due to color spaces. Do the following:

    Set the color space on the camera to sRGB. This influences the JPEGs only. RAW is still raw sensor data before any interpretation at all.

    Make sure that whatever you post-process and then save is converted to 8bit (JPEG is an 8bit format, but that’s OK for display purposes, the screen is 8bit as well) and convert the color space from whatever you edit in (e.g. Adobe RGB) to sRGB. sRGB is the color space that all programs assume that are not color managed, i.e. most of the internet browsers.

    Make sure that you CONVERT color spaces and not ASSIGN sRGB. This makes a difference. Converting from Adobe RGB (bigger color space) to sRGB (smaller) preserves the look of the colors, assigning produces files that are less vivid, just what you have experienced.

    If you only work for displaying on screen, you can avoid the trouble by using sRGB throughout.

    Oh, and when you convert from a smaller color space to a bigger one, use “relative colorimetric” as “rendering intent”, but for converting down from big to small, you have to use “perceptual”, otherwise out-of-gamut colors will be clipped.

    Hmm … I guess this was sufficiently incomprehensible. Oh well, color management is a mess. As I said, you can avoid it altogether by using sRGB everywhere, and that is certainly the simplest choice.

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