393 – In A Tight Spot

Yesterday morning I took the car for service to Klagenfurt. While they were working, I strolled around in rather less than friendly conditions. It was cold, foggy and windy, but at least it did not rain.

This is a detail of the headquarter of the biggest bank in Carinthia, a piece of modern architecture that was built maybe ten years ago. I took some images, already with the intention to go B&W.

This was the image that I selected immediately for Image of the Day, but unfortunately my first attempt at post-processing was not really successful.

Instead of fixing the first image, I turned to an alternative, a minimalistic study of leaves fallen from a tree. I processed it to B&W as well, because the image was mostly monochromatic anyway. I had even found a title and selected a Song of the Day, but somehow I found the image a bit too conservative, and so I decided to go back to the first image.

It proved very simple to fix what was wrong, but then I encountered the next problem. I could not find a Song of the Day. I tried for hours (that’s the reason why you had to wait for so long), and finally concluded that there will be no Song of the Day today, at least not from me. Any idea??

2 thoughts on “393 – In A Tight Spot”

  1. as always I am blown away how you can take an ordinary thing and make it look amazing!

    And yes we both do shoot in very different styles and your images are always far more powerful than anything I produce by far!!!

  2. I really like the composition of this piece. It’s very Advmanesque. But I also like the fallen leaves. The leaves seem to well up out of the ground like water from a bubbling spring. It’s a neat effect.

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