388 – Not Dark Yet

Some days ago Ted said in a comment on pnf’s blog that “fall is more powerful than spring except for a tiny defect… It lacks a happy ending”. So true 🙂

This image was shot at about 5pm, a time when I frequently leave work, and though it had not been dark yet, it was getting there. Daylight saving time (we call it “summertime” around here) has ended a week ago, and from now on much of what I’ll be presenting, will necessarily be dark. No, don’t worry, this is no depression, no, absolutely … almost … not. At least not a big one. Hmph.

The Song of the Day is Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet” from 1997’s “Time Out Of Mind“. See him perform it live here, there or elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “388 – Not Dark Yet”

  1. I love the summertime term for day light savings time and as usual you can take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary!!!!!

    Did you read the page on the png thing and does it make sense to you?

  2. That looks like noon up here in Sweden… Well, it certainly makes for some moody shots.

    PS.: Actually, even the architecture looks a bit like some of the streets here. I should go out and try to find some beauty amongst all that grey, wet weather…

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