379 – Pieces Of Sky

I still keep to the house, sleep most of the time, interrupted by short forays into the garden. This image is from 10:46 am, when the low fog had cleared up, shortly before the high fog came and covered the view again.

The Song of the Day is a quiet little piece of art by Beth Orton, “Pieces Of Sky” from her fourth album “Comfort of Strangers“. Funny when you look at the ratings on Amazon’s site: this album seems to have been a stylistic turning point. People either love it or hate it. See the video on YouTube and judge for yourself.

3 thoughts on “379 – Pieces Of Sky”

  1. Curious. I first read your caption to be, “Pieces of Shy”. And I went to find your metaphor. Damned if I didn’t discover it in the way the peaks – peeked through. And so, when I discovered that I had discovered the wrong title… I was crestfallen. Well, actually my crest has not really fallen… but it is drooping.

    An impressive image. Particularly bold.


  2. Brilliant black and white. I have puzzled for days over exactly what I could say about it that would be worthwhile and I really can’t add anything. It’s classic and very dramatic.

  3. wonderful scenery, excellent b&w…
    I am now browsing your blog for more than one hour and find more and more interesting things (among them that you are programming in perl, which is the main language I use for my web/gis work…)
    So thanks for your wonderful pictures and your words – there is a lot I can and will learn from.

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