376 – At First They Didn’t Even Notice

When I left home in the morning, it almost didn’t rain, but that changed soon enough. I used the tramway for half of the way, and when I got back on the street, it poured like mad, taking away much of the fun in photographing.

I shot this image when the tramway was already approaching, mostly because of the graffiti and because I wanted to use the image as part of another comics style image. I still wanted to when I began working on the image in the evening, but I soon recognized that it could very well stand for itself.

Nikon 18-200 at 40mm, f6.7, ISO 1600 and 1/6s, handheld. Post-processing in Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is “Small Change” by Tom Waits. I have it on a collection called “The Asylum Years“, but originally of course it’s from the 1990 album “Small Change“.

5 thoughts on “376 – At First They Didn’t Even Notice”

  1. lYou’ll probably not be surprised to know that I really like this one. The sense of motion and the way the graffiti has been isolated make it all work. Well seen Andreas.

  2. This image haunts. Particularly I think because it seems just exactly on the line between reality and video gaming. It’s an edgy border which feels dark and even clammy. You’ve captured it well.

  3. OK, Ted says it “haunts,” and Bill says it has a sense of motion… I think it sneaks, like a cat in search of nothing in particular. Stealthing along just because it can, looking for a midnight snack, or perhaps just a warm lap to lay in.

    Whatever the case, it is a dramatic play of light and shadow.

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