374 – Paixão não é linha recta

We had Mísia yesterday, we have Mariza today: “Passion is not a straight line”, a line straight from “Fado Curvo“, the song that gave title to Mariza’s 2003 album. I love her music. It is so incredibly powerful and passionate, that for her I make an exception to the rule: Most of her albums are copy protected, at least in Europe. Normally I shun those non-CDs, and it is only for some very great music, that I betray my principles. This is very great music.

Luckily enough I was able to rip all of her CDs so far (when I’m using Linux, many copy protection methods are not so effective at all), but as I’ve seen that Amazon sells the album in DRM-free MP3 format, I may be tempted to buy the downloads in the future. I mean, I love having the plastic standing around on my shelves, but when this plastic is nothing but useless on the devices where I hear music (it won’t play on my portable CD player, and that was not a cheap one, and of course it won’t play in the car), then I probably can live as well without the plastic.

The image? Oh, a roller shutter with some graffiti (Ted?), shot straight with the Nikon 18-200 and tickled in Capture NX until it would bend 🙂

2 thoughts on “374 – Paixão não é linha recta”

  1. Another superb image. Great depth and movement and perfectly composed as usual. Sometimes when I look at the stuff you and Ted whip out everyday I just want to prostrate myself before you both and cry, “I’m not worthy.”


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