371 – Pretty Vacant

Should I romanticize Punk? Maybe not, but somehow I can’t help it 🙂

Of all things Punk, I probably value nothing more than a record that came more than fifteen years after everything was over. It’s the Sex Pistols’ 1996 album “Filthy Lucre Live” (“fat, fourty and back”, says John Lydon). Well, maybe it’s only a sign that I was too young for the Real Thing, but whatever it is, this album is pretty unbelievable. And like the whole Punk culture it is also pretty vacant. If Punk has ever failed to provide a thing, then it was answers. “No Future” is not much of an answer, is it?

The Song of the Day is “Pretty Vacant” in this 1996 version. Hear it on YouTube.

I shot this image on my way to the train for Carinthia, Nikon 18-200 at 48mm, f4.5, ISO 900 and 1/8s. I seem to have a steady hand these days 🙂

4 thoughts on “371 – Pretty Vacant”

  1. I like this image. It’s one of those that “floats” off the screen and wavers in front of me like a vision.

    Great stuff.

  2. What I hate most about grafitti is that it is…. grumble, grmbl, grbbb…. Is that it is sometimes art. Or at least can seem that way under the tutelage of a master image maker.

  3. :-))

    The foto is absolutely marvelous, the floating, layered perspective, the intense colors behind the white graffiti, the mixture of easily recognisable forms and the strange graffiti-patterns… Wonderful.

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