370 – Off Into The Night

Sometimes you need to throw the dice. I have uploaded two of yesterday’s images to SmugMug, and I could not decide. Again I went with the music.

Here we are. I shot this image yesterday on my way from work (night falls early now, yikes!), using the Nikon 18-200 at f8, 1/8s and ISO 720. Not overly high ISO but plenty of noise, as I’ve accidentally underexposed by a stop. Anyway, I used Noise Ninja, a beauty blur (not with the original image blurred, but with a tone mapped version), a radial blur and some of the usual stuff.

The Song of the Day is Cole Porter’s “All Through The Night” from Charlie Haden’s fantastic 1996 album “Now Is the Hour“. Looking at the album cover you will most likely think of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous image (see the interesting back-story here), but it isn’t the original. For whatever reason they have made a similar image for the album cover.