369 – Keep Young And Beautiful

Do you take more photos than you can ever post-process? Congratulations, we’re are in the same club 🙂

I have processed two images of today, with at least three or four others worth trying, four are left from yesterday, three from Sunday, and when I think that I’ve promised Ted to post more images from Firenze, I really get dizzy. Oh well.

Today’s choice between this image and a wacky self portrait was not easy, but what finally made it clear was the music. Searching for something about beauty, preferably beauty and time, crackling beauty, or anything like that, I stumbled upon Annie Lennox’ hilarious “Keep Young And Beautiful“, and that was it. This is the last song on her 1992 solo debut “Diva“. See the video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “369 – Keep Young And Beautiful”

  1. Andreas…

    Did you upgrade your blogging acount to get your pictures to appear bigger on your page?

    I have my pictures upload as large, and there not near as big as your’s appear.

    Also it seems that your’s captures more of the original colors from the image uploaded…as compared to mine.

    Is there some sort of upgrade you have on your blogging account?

  2. Nope. I store my images externally on SmugMug. I have a pro account there that gives you pretty much everything you’d want, even selling of prints, etc, but that’s for hefty $150 a year. Still, I’m satisfied with their service and the site as a whole. There is even a Flickr-like community there.

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