360 – Where Do We Go But Nowhere

We are back to the present. This is the image of Monday, I’m back in Vienna.

It does not happen very often that I fully pre-visualize an image. Most of my images are found. This is one such exception. A thread at the Radiant Vista forums gave me the idea. Michael Campbell from Toronto had taken an image of a fountain in a shopping mall, slowing down the water with lots of neutral density filters. He found a peculiar pattern of people watching the fountain being sharp and those passing by blurry and ghost-like.

This inspired me to go to Mariahilfer Stra├če, one of Vienna’s most busy streets, at sundown, put the camera on a tripod, pointing just above people’s heads, use f13, ISO 100 and a polarizer to slow down to 3 seconds exposure. I figured that people would blend into an anonymous mass of ghosts at the ground of a sea of shop’s signs and advertisements. I took about 10 exposures and this is the one I liked most.

The Song of the Day is once more by Nick Cave: “Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere” from the 1997 album “The Boatman’s Call“.

3 thoughts on “360 – Where Do We Go But Nowhere”

  1. I really like the selective saturation with yellow, magenta and green while leaving the other colours low key. It works really well.

  2. Actually this is the image out of the camera. I exposed for the highlights, and those neon signs where the brightest things around by far.


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