356 – My Beautiful Laundrette

An image titled after a movie? Andreas, you must be joking! Not a Movie of the Day now!!

Movie of the Day? Hmm … tempting 🙂

Well, no, I’ll spare us that. But should I have called it “Mrs. Bartolozzi“? Why I would? Because this is the Song of the Day. It’s from Kate Bush’s latest album “Aerial“, a mature masterpiece.

With this image I’m back to the Nikon 50/1.8, my cheapest lens and one of the best. F9.5, ISO 500, 1/30s. Don’t ask me why I did not open up to f4. Sometimes these things happen.

Post-processing was done in Capture NX and then in Photoshop for cloning out some leaves of a nearby tree.

2 thoughts on “356 – My Beautiful Laundrette”

  1. James,

    glad you like it. What fascinated me in the first place was the air of neglect and the wonderfully old-fashioned type faces.


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