Oct 052007

An image titled after a movie? Andreas, you must be joking! Not a Movie of the Day now!!

Movie of the Day? Hmm … tempting 🙂

Well, no, I’ll spare us that. But should I have called it “Mrs. Bartolozzi“? Why I would? Because this is the Song of the Day. It’s from Kate Bush’s latest album “Aerial“, a mature masterpiece.

With this image I’m back to the Nikon 50/1.8, my cheapest lens and one of the best. F9.5, ISO 500, 1/30s. Don’t ask me why I did not open up to f4. Sometimes these things happen.

Post-processing was done in Capture NX and then in Photoshop for cloning out some leaves of a nearby tree.

  2 Responses to “356 – My Beautiful Laundrette”

  1. Very nice shot. The angle really adds interest. Nice colors as well. Well done!

  2. James,

    glad you like it. What fascinated me in the first place was the air of neglect and the wonderfully old-fashioned type faces.


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