346 – Song of the Earth

Normally when I’m late, not the quality of my internet connection is to blame. This time it is. We have ADSL in Carinthia (yes, I’m still here, I’ll be for the whole week), and when it works it is quite OK. Nothing compared to my cable connection in Vienna, but acceptable. When it works, that is. Only rarely do I have a problem to get a connection at all, but connections seem to terminate at random. There is not much to do either, as it is the quality of the cables up to our house.

Yesterday I had four images to upload to SumgMug, 24MB, with our ADSL upload that takes quite some time, and every time I tried, the connection broke down before the first image was up. Oh well, I finally managed it this morning, and here we are.

I shot this image yesterday afternoon, using the Nikon 18-200 VR, my favorite drive-around lens, shooting at 200mm, f8 and 1/40s hand held. F13 would probably have been more appropriate, but that would have meant either higher ISO or the tripod. Parking in the middle of the road, I decided against the tripod.

The Song of the Day is “Song For The Earth” from Giora Feidman’s 1992 album “The Dance of Joy“.

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  1. Those lines really make the shot. I wonder how it would look in B&W – I’m in my black-and-white phase right now…;-)

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