344 – Summer’s Almost Gone

This morning I had to be in Klagenfurt. We left at 7:10am in bright sunshine and entered dense fog after about 10 km, half way to Klagenfurt.

It’s funny. I grew up in that town, and as long as I lived there, I did not know what a beautiful autumn could be. There was fog, always only fog.

Today at 8:10am I left Klagenfurt on the highway A2 along Carinthia’s most famous lake, Wörthersee, heading west. I was sure that the fog would end before the end of the lake, and I was right. In Velden I was able to shoot a series of images of boats in receding fog, this was the one I liked most. Nikon 18-200 at 18mm and f8, shot with a polarizer.

Later this day I was swimming, and it is still possible, but when I’m honest, I have to admit that “Summer’s Almost Gone“. And this is also a song from The Doors’ probably most underrated album “Waiting for the Sun“.

4 thoughts on “344 – Summer’s Almost Gone”

  1. Actually we get alot of fog during season changes and in winter we get what they call an “inversion” with all the fireplace smoke and hot air trapped under clouds we can not see for miles here at some points in winter. Fog is a cool thing to shoot in I think…..

  2. Inversion? The word alone makes me shiver 🙂

    We have it from October until at least March. It’s better in Vienna, but Carinthia is a big basin with almost no wind in winter. Conserves the fog wonderfully 🙂

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